Finding our Foundation

The LWML MN North District Public Relations Committee goal is to increase the society membership of the LWML MN North District societies.

The committee has met and has discussed ideas on how the committee's goal can be reached. The foundation of our societies is God's Word, and we strongly encourage each society to study God's Word at each LWML meeting. We encourage you to brainstorm with your pastor and fellow members on unique ways to enhance your Bible study at your meetings, hence enhancing your time spent with your sisters in Christ.

When we as humans get excited and are inspired, we want to tell others of what is stimulating that excitement. The ladies of your congregation will ask, "What makes you so excited and enjoyable?" "Why, it is the LWML!"

Now you have an opportunity to share what your society is doing that makes you excited: Bible study, Christian fellowship and business carried on locally, district-wide and nationally. Friendships develop in your local society as well as on  the district and national levels. That is exciting!

Ruby Prochnow, Public Relations Chairman

Public Relations Committee

Public Relations Chairman
Ruby Prochnow

Pastoral Counselor
Rev. Donald Klatt

Committee Members
Catherine Hollarmann
Barbara Rolf

Do You Have A New Pastor?

Does your congregation have a new pastor? Please contact the LWML Minnesota North District Public Relations Chairman Ruby Prochnow at and she will send them a welcome packet from LWML.