New Idea for involving more women in LWML

The 2017-2019 Growth and Development Committee has developed a program to help introduce and reach out to the women of your congregation who may not be currently participating in the established LWML activities. This program promotes the value of the LWML and encourages participation in way that fit into their lives and various vocations.

The resources of Mailbox Members enable women to:
*Identify and grow as baptized children of God
*Understand and support mission giving
*Participate in short term servant events, and
*Find support in Christian fellowship in this secular world.

The Mailbox Member Program was designed to be used in churches which provide church mailboxes for their members. However, if your church does not include mailboxes for their members, you can still utilize this program and adapt it to your setting. Consider these options:

  • Mail a monthly note, card, or postcard to women who wish to receive the Mailbox Member information and encouragement;
  • Send a monthly email to women who desire to receive LWML information and encouragement via the internet. You can easily add attachments such as devotions, etc.;
  • Set up a Facebook group and regularly send out messages of encouragement and local activities to those who have chosen to join. Links to resources can easily be included.
  • Church Social Media Outlets-submit regular Facebook posts to your church's social media coordinator so they can be posted to all of the church's social media outlets; and
  • Work with your church webmaster to establish an LWML tab on the church website with links to various resources on the LWML webpage.

One person would serve as the coordinator of the Mailbox Member Program and one of the joys of this position is sharing LWML information and resources on their own as a way to strengthen them in their daily walk of faith. What a joy for you to share these inspirational ideas with your sisters in Christ!

The Mailbox Member Program provides:

  • Invitations – Postcard invitations are available for you to download and give out.
  • Blessing Cards – Notecards, sharing a thoughtful message and Scripture are available for you to download and print out or email.
  • Crafts – Download, print, cut out, and fold these resources to make actual mailboxes.
  • Resources for 24 months of activities – As you communicate with your participants, use the provided resources and activities either by physically putting them in the church mailbox or sending them through the communication method of your choice.

The goal of this program is to connect and communicate with the women of your congregation by providing inspirational resources and thoughtful messages focusing on the mission and ministry of the LWML.

Find more information at Resource adapted from information written by Leader Development Committee 2017-2019

Kathy Brandt
Park I Regional LWML VP
Leader Development Committee Chairman

Leader Development Committee

Leader Development

Kathy Brandt

Pastoral Counselor
Rev. Mathew Vrudny

Committee Members
Lori Salvhus, Marcia Wittenburg

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Resources for Leaders

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  • E-Z Tips: Energizing Ideas for Zones (#75200)
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