The LWML Minnesota North District newsletter, Minnesota Northern Light, contains information of interest to individuals and societies in the District. It is published quarterly in January, April, July, and October after each LWML Minnesota North Board of Directors meeting. To receive an email announcing the availability of the newsletter on the website and a web-link, you can subscribe by using the link on the right sidebar or send an email to the Editor. You will be added to our newsletter email list.

 2020 Winter Issue

Previous issues of the District newsletters and District convention newsletters can be downloaded from the Publication Archive.

Lutheran Witness Supplement Page

Each month our District LWML provides information on a page in the Minnesota North supplement of the Lutheran Witness. This page features activities of LWML societies and zones throughout the District. Send reports and pictures of newsworthy events to the Editor for inclusion on the Lutheran Witness supplement page.

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Previous issues of the Lutheran Witness Supplement page,
may be downloaded from the Publication Archive web page.

What's happening in your society?

A great way to share ideas and events in our LWML Minnesota North District societies is to submit your articles and photos for publication in the Lutheran Witness.

The LWML MN North District purchases a one-page supplement page that is included in each issue of the Lutheran Witness.

The deadline for submitting articles is the 10th of the month, six weeks prior to publication. For instance, May publication is due March 10th.

Clearly identify all of the people in the photo, and provide any other information about the photo you think would be helpful for the reader to know.

Digital photos should be submitted in JPEG (.jpg) or TIFF (.tif) formats and attached to your email. Please include the name, email address and phone number of a contact person in case there are questions.

Send your articles and photos to:

District Editor

Karena Lapolice

Our District provides a monthly calendar to serve as a reminder for daily mite giving. Included on the calendar are daily prayer petitions to support the LWML and our mission grants selected at convention.

 2020 February Calendar

 2020 March Calendar

 2020 April Calendar

Counselor's Corner

Counselor's Corner is a monthly article written by the LWML District Pastoral Counselors for the Lutheran Witness supplement page.

Click here to read the articles.


Downloading PDF files.

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Saving files to your computer.

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