2020 Mission Grant Application Form

Theses download contains the Mission Grant Requirements, the Application Form and also a sample resolution for the upcoming 2020 District Convention. The deadline for mission grant submission is February 15, 2020.

2020 Mission Grant Application Form (PDF)

2020 Mission Grant Application Form (Microsoft Word)

Sending Mission Grant Proposal Information

  • Mail ten (10) printed or typed copies of the application form.
  • Include 5-10 digital pictures (JPEG or TIFF format), images, videos, graphics or logos of your proposal on a CD.
  • Remember: The mailing must be postmarked by February 15th in the year of an LWML MN North District biennial convention.

If you have any questions about the forms or requirements please contact Carol. Mail all information to:

Susan Zeige, Mission Grants Chairman
LWML MN North District
307 NE Tenth Street Circle
Grand Rapids, MN 55744

2018-2020 Biennium Mission Grants Status

Below is the Jan 14, 2020, Board of Directors report from the Mission Grants Committee. A total amount of $26,000 in mites for LWML MN North grants was raised this past quarter. The Mission Grant Committee recommended and the BOD approved the payment of grant allocations as follows: $5,000 for Scholarships for Men Preparing for Ordination; $14,500 for Scholarships for Full-Time Church Work Students; $3,000 for Trinity HOPE Haitian Feeding Program; $3,500 for "Main Street Living North" Ministry Outreach TV Program. The chart below details the current balance remaining for the 2018-2020 biennium.

Mission Grants for the 2018-2020 Biennium (Balance as of April 9, 2019)
GRANT 2018-2020 Mission Grant AMOUNT BALANCE
# 1 Orphan Grain Train $15,000 Paid in Full
# 2 Scholarships for Men Preparing for Ordination $15,000 Paid in Full
# 3 Scholarships for Full-Time Church Work Student $50,000 Paid in Full
# 4 Lutheran Island Camp and Christ Serve Ranch Staff Growth and Training $10,000 $5,000
# 5 Trinity HOPE Haitian Feeding Program $10,000 Paid in Full
# 6 Sharing Christ With Muslims $5,000 $2,500
# 7 Project 24 Child Care; Christ's Care for Children Kenya $10,800 Paid in Full
# 8 Lutheran Outreach in Puerto Rico in response to Hurricane Maria $8,000 Paid in Full
# 9 "Main Street Living North" Ministry Outreach TV Program $10,000 $1,500
# 10 Gloria Dei School and Church Building at Cap Haitian, Haiti (Partially Funded) $11,200 Paid in Full
TOTALS $139,000 $9,000

Mites Can Do "Mitey" Things

What a pleasure it is for me to serve as your Mission Grants Chairman and to see how blessed our district has been with the outstanding amount of mites that have been given to our mission grants to date. While we are over and above what is expected, how exciting it would be to see if our giving could continue and to have our mites go over and above our mission goal for the 2016-2018 biennium.

We must remember, however, that a new mission goal for at our 2017 LWML Convention for $2,075,000 was just adopted, and that one-fourth of our mites are contributed to that goal as well. Wouldn't it be great to see the giving continue throughout our districts to more than meet the adopted goals on the national level as well?

When it comes right down to it, there are numerous ways we can part with our money without missing it. I would like to make a challenge to all of you to put aside any $5.00 bill that you receive each month and put them in an envelope until the end of the year. You will be surprised at how quickly that adds up. Oh, by the way, there is a catch – put that total in your mite offering as well.

Blessings to you for your faithfulness in giving not just your mites, but also your time, energy, and prayers to the work of the LWML.

2018-2020 Mission Grants

The following 10 grants were selected at convention.

GRANT 1: Orphan Grain Train - $9,000
Throughout the world, natural disasters and hardships have left many without basic needs of food, water, clothing, medical equipment and supplies, and God's written Word. Volunteers gather these materials in the name of Jesus. Funding would provide the high shipping costs of these materials to those in need. Through this program, individuals in our country and throughout the world are blessed with personal and material resources in response to God's command, "I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you."(John 14:18)

GRANT 2: Scholarships for Men Preparing for Ordination - $15,000
Each year "the laborers are few" in going into full-time ministry. As this growing shortage looms, having needed financial support can lessen the debt load for these future ministers, and allow for more workers to share their gifts of ministry throughout the world. Without support, shortages of ministers in our congregations would continue and hinder the Gospel from being proclaimed.

GRANT 3: Scholarships for Full-Time Church Work Students - $50,000
The impact of rising costs in our Concordia University system may hinder the desire of students to pursue full-time church work.in roles of leadership and teaching. These scholarships enable students to reduce their concerns and debt load as they prepare to serve in ministries within our congregations.

GRANT 4: Lutheran Island Camp and Christ Serve Ranch Staff Growth and Training - $10,000
Every year Lutheran Island Camp and Christ Serve Ranch staff come in contact with over 6,000 people through their programs. Not all of these individuals are churched, and many children in these programs have difficult living situations, resulting in emotional and physical challenges. Training is needed in CPR, conflict resolution, communication skills, and in leading Bible studies and worship services. This grant would allow training and skills development for staff so that they can have the needed skills to minister to those involved in the the ongoing programs of Lutheran Island Camp and Christ Serve Ranch.

GRANT 5: Trinity HOPE Haitian Feeding Program - $10,000
This program provides a noon meal to hungry children in our Lutheran schools in Haiti, who may only receive 4-5 meals a week at home. This Christian witness shows Christ's love in action by providing 24,000 meals daily to students and staff in 118 Christian schools throughout Haiti. There are still schools on waiting lists to join this program.

GRANT 6: Sharing Christ With Muslims - $5,000
POBLO International seeks to bring Jesus to Muslims and others in their communities throughout the United States, and to share the message of salvation with them in their languages. Through this grant, a Jesus video package, as well as the Gospel of John, have been developed for these individuals in their languages, telling the story of Jesus, and are available for individuals and congregations to hand out to these new Americans. It is estimated that if 500 Jesus video packages were given to 500 people, 25,000 individuals would watch the film and 15,000 would read the Gospel of John in the space of two years.

GRANT 7: Project 24 Child Care; Christ's Care for Children Kenya - $10,000
The HIV/AIDS pandemic has affected one-fourth of all people in Kenya. As a result, 2-3 million children are orphaned. Project 24 has been working to serve these children by providing them with a safe environment in boarding facilities. This grant would provide funding for at least ten additional children to receive an education as well as physical and spiritual care.

GRANT 8: Lutheran Outreach in Puerto Rico in response to Hurricane Maria - $8,000
Hurricane damage in Puerto Rico has necessitated the need for the LCMS Disaster Response team to work with others in establishing and maintaining mercy centers in this country. Funding would provide for physical needs of food, water, children's items, medical needs, and assistance in employment counseling. Spiritual needs would be met at these centers through worship, Bible studies, and counseling.

GRANT 9: "Main Street Living North" Ministry Outreach TV Program - $10,000 (Partially Funded)
"Main Street Living North" is a new ministry outreach TV program designed for those who are shut-ins or who live in assisted living or nursing home facilities. It provides a 30 minute LCMS service to those individuals as well as to those without a church to attend. This program also has a 30 minute Sunday School type program, "Kid's Crossing", for children not in Sunday School. Funding for this grant would help purchase air time for twenty weeks or help with keeping equipment updated.

GRANT 10: Gloria Dei School and Church Building at Cap Haitian, Haiti (Partially Funded) - $11,200 (Partially Funded)
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church and School has been able to construct a one story building as a result of previous funding from our district and other gifts from the Lutheran Mission Association, leaving behind the need for rented space. However, a growing number of students now results in the need for a second story to be constructed. Extreme poverty in Haiti does not allow for the needed funding for this addition. If funding were to be procured, this second story addition would provide much needed space to accommodate the growing needs of this church and school.

Mission Grants Committee

MG Chairman
Susan Zeige

Pastoral Counselor
Rev. Bruce Timm

Committee Members
Sandra Bakeberg, Carol Ann Sander, Joan Johnson, Carol Westendorf

Mite Boxes Now Free!

You can now order the small (individual-size) Mite Boxes from the catalog on your own – and they're free. (Postage still needs to be paid.)

Medium and Large Mite Boxes are NOT free.

The Regional Vice Presidents may still have some "on hand" (for 10 cents a piece); let's use up their supplies first!

All About LWML Mites

Mite Boxes are used to collect money for missions.

Twenty-five percent (25%) of the mite offering is sent to LWML for mission grants and the remaining seventy-five percent (75%) is used for your district's mission grants.

Mite money is used to further God's kingdom through the mission grants selected by delegates at district and national conventions.

Place your Mite Box wherever you can feed it: dressing table, office desk, laundry room, car, kitchen counter, etc. You might want to give a Mite Box to family members and friends.

Return your filled Mite Box to your LWML society.

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You for giving me all that I have. Bless these mites that I give back to You so that they can be used to spread the Good News of Jesus' love here and throughout the world. Amen