Seasonal Resources

For those of you who are continually looking for programming helps, I suggest purchasing one of the CD's available through the LWML catalog. Helps are listed in three ways; alphabetically, subject or topic, and type of material. You can read the skit, devotion or Bible study and if you decide to use it, print a copy.

Program Helps on CD: Volume I (Code #59995) consists of 85 devotions, skits, and Bible studies. Program Helps: Christmas Collection on CD (Code #51011) focuses on the Christmas season. Program Helps on CD – Volume II (Code #59996) has another 47 different helps for you to use. Each CD is $15.00. I recommend each society purchase a copy of one or all three of these helps.

Listed below are some other ideas for your society meetings. If you have any question about these resources contact me at:

Bible Study Resources

Your Strong Suit Bible Study – This 8 week, verse-by-verse of the armor of God details the incredible protection that God has provided to His children. Even though we may not like discussing spiritual warfare, it is necessary because it is real. Spiritual warfare has the potential to rob us of peace and security only to leave behind doubt and unrest. But God offers protection to us - HIS protection. Journey through this study as we learn about the battle, our enemy, our armor and our place in God's army. But most importantly, we come to know the rock solid truth that God has provided everything we need to proclaim ultimate victory. Code 68930, DVD and 1 workbook. Code 68931, Additional workbook.

Writers Needed!

Did your LWML or congregational group hold a terrific event this past year? Were any devotions, sketches or Bible studies written specifically for your event? If so, we need YOU to submit your writings to the Christian Resources Editors Committee at:

Your submitted manuscripts go through an editing process that includes LCMS doctrinal review and may be included in the new LWML Catalog. Please remember we need you!

Writers Guidelines can be found on the Program Helps web page of the LWML website: or they can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

 LWML Writers Guidelines

District Lending Library

Some changes have been made for our District Lending Library. The Christian Life Chairman, Lori Salvhus can be contacted directly for these resources. To find out more about these resources please contact Lori at: She can also be contacted by telephone at (218) 784-2475. Thank you for your interest.

Lori Salvhus,
Christian Life Chairman